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June 16th, 2010   Ian News 3

The Deepwater Horizon was a floating oil drilling platform located in the Gulf of Mexico.  On April 20th, there was an oil rig explosion causing a fire on board the Deepwater Horizon and a leak in the pipe underwater carrying oil.  The massive ongoing oil spill has been compared to the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, but seemed to have already eclipsed the largest oil spill in US history.

The oil continues to gush 210,000 – 4,200,000 gallons of crude oil every day!  To put things into perspective an Olympic sized swimming pool is about 600,000 gallons.  So on an average day, upwards of seven swimming pools filled with oil is contaminating our water, wetland, and as of late, it seems that the Atlantic Ocean near Florida is in threat.

Celebrities are rallying together to help bring attention to this horrific event in hopes to get some real action.  Benefit concerts have been held, fans are being urged to contact their state officials, and one Oscarwinner has a good chance of aiding in the cleanup with his own device.  Find out how you can get involved and learn more about the largest US oil spill.

Ian Somerhalder of Lost and The Vampire Diaries is using fame for a good cause.  The wildly popular star is reaching out to the masses about the catastrophic oil spill affecting the Gulf Coast.  Ian, who has been communicating with people via Twitter, sent an update claiming that to date 23 birds, 156 sea turtles, and 12 dolphins have perished due to this man-made disaster.  He is also encouraging his 200,000 plus followers to RT his messages and asks you to call your Senator and Congressman.

  • Beth Chaisson
    Posted on June 17, 2010

    I know this may sound a bit lame, but all we can do right now is think positive. If we don’t we’ll either get depressed or we’ll loose our tempers and think of doing something entirely stupid. Hence the reason I read a lot of funny things and I look at a lot of comedy shows. This oil spill is so depressing down here that between it and the recession, comedy is the only thing keeping me mentally and emotionally sane.

  • Ana Mariza McGroarty
    Posted on June 17, 2010


    We are contacting you as a mutually concerned tenant on this earth. Nature provides us with a resource that helps handle any oil or chemical spills, on contact; naturally without any side effects …

    … a resource that biodegrades oil, breaking it down to its natural components (H2O, CO2 and fatty acids), none of which are toxic or hazardous to the environment;

    … a resource that ABsorbs not ADsorbs (like polypropylene, hair, hay, etc.), therefore will not leach;

    … a resource that rejects water, in its dehydrated form;

    … a resource that does not merely breakdown the molecular structure of oil to have it sink to the bottom of the ocean floor (like surfactants do);

    … a resource that is naturally renewable and becomes stronger with each harvest;

    We have not just come out of the woodwork due to this crisis. In June 2000, when “green” was not the talk of the town, my husband and I started a business with such a product. We have focused a lot of time and energy on educating people (including children in schools) on alternative ways to handle oil and chemical spills, by using this product. We started this business because of an awareness that we need to make some changes with the environment. It is time for us to take more responsibility for our actions, on all levels, including with Mother Earth and how we treat her. Some part of humanity knows this, hence the large movement towards “green”.

    We are now at a point where Mother Earth is clearly making a cry for help and I have a strong hearts desire that I can no longer ignore. To stand up and help, and not play small. Look at what happened with the Exxon Valdez. Here we are over 21 years later, and we are still being impacted by that spill, in so many ways. We can not afford to allow this to happen. Especially in the fragile state that Mother Earth is now in. What I need is a voice, a voice from someone who is out there in the media, and will be heard. Someone with connections that can reach the authorities, and help create awareness so that they can no longer ignore this solution. That is what I am reaching out for.

    You can visit our website at http://www.Synergy-Environmental.com, or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJY8nvpdzn0&NR=1 and get a better idea of the potential here. As you will find there, we have obtained approval from the EPA and many other government agencies on the use of this product. You can also contact Rita Graham with DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Management for Miami –Dade County, Florida) 305-297-2583. DERM has been using this product for years in similar wetland situations and much more.

    Not one single solution is going to solve this crisis. We have to all pull together to resolve this, otherwise we will be paying a very high price.

    Please, if you hear my heart’s call, contact me immediately, so that we can move forward, taking one step at a time, to make a HUGE difference, not only to the environment, but all those families whose livelihood will be affected by this spill, not to mention so many people’s health. It is time, NOW, we can not afford to wait and ponder this situation.

    In love and service,
    Ana Mariza McGroarty
    Synergy Environmental, Inc.

  • Ana Mariza McGroarty
    Posted on June 17, 2010

    PLEASE this is very important. Please hear me out. Read this. It can not be ignored. We have not just come out of the woodwork due to this crisis. This product is true, tried and tested. It is what cleaned the oil spill in June 2000 of the M/V Treasure in South Africa. Although this is different circumstances, but it is still a very GREEN NATURAL solutions for those wetlands and marshes. It is what has been used down in South Florida by DERM for those environments there. We have testimonies, approvals, etc. Local news coverage in
    C’Ville, VA http://www.youtube.com?watch?v=ZexIXxuacg8 PLEASE HELP !!!
    http://www.Synergy-Environmental.com 954-309-3656

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